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Paintball is becoming more and more popular everyday. With the creation of the National Professional Paintball League and Paintball Sports Promotions, the game of Paintball is reaching new heights. Since its humble beginnings in the 70s, paintball has become a competitive and recreational pastime for many people around the world. To help keep up with the trend, Sports Authority carries an excellent selection of paintball gear and accessories. Whether you’re new to the sport or a battle-hardened veteran, we’ve got everything you need to sharpen your game and improve your chances on the field.

Aside from paintball guns and ammo, Sports Authority also carries a great selection of apparel and protective equipment. Get shirts, hats, paintball jerseys, vests, pants and more. Many of the items come in either camouflage or dark colors to help you blend in with surroundings of modern paintball arenas. You can also find gear from all of your favorite brands including VALKEN, KINGMAN, EMPIRE and TIPPMANN. Be sure to check out our equipment bags and ammo packs as well. One of the keys to a successful paintball game is easy access to an abundant supply of ammo. Our packs, bags and harnesses come in a variety of sizes and colors to help suit you and your entire paintball team.

Just venturing into the world of paintball? We carry a great collection of paintball kits to help you get started on the right foot. The US ARMY PAINTBALL Alpha Black Tactical Edition Paintball Marker Power Pack comes with everything you need to hit the field and start playing. It includes a tactical Alpha Dog marker, 200-round hopper, anti-fog goggles, and a 9-0z CO2 tank. You can also find the perfect tools to build your own customized playing field. Train with your friends and prepare for competition with the KINGMAN Tournament Bunker Combo. If you’re looking for top-level gear at low prices, there’s no better place to go than Sports Authority.