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Score with Soccer Clothes

While the ball and goals are necessary to play the game, all players also wear basic soccer apparel to protect themselves. In addition to the team jersey, each player must also wear shin guards and cleats. Shin guards protect your shins, and in some cases, ankles, from being injured by opponents wearing sharp cleats. Cleats, or studs, protrude from the bottom of the shoe to provide traction on the field and prevent slipping.

While goalies still must wear shin guards and cleats, they also wear a different color shirt (often long sleeved) to differentiate themselves from teammates. Goalies are also allowed to wear goalkeeper gloves to assist with catching, throwing and blocking the ball with their hands.

Whether in the backyard with friends and family or playing an official match, the right soccer gear will not only improve performance, but will also protect yourself and others from potential injury.