Sales Policy for Sports Authority

  • All Sales are Final, No Exchanges, No Returns on merchandise purchased on or after Thursday, 5/26/16. All merchandise to be sold AS IS.
  • As of Thursday, 5/26/16, ALL customer receipts MUST be stamped (on the BACK – across the preprinted return policy) with the “ALL SALES FINAL” stamp. The register will print “ALL SALES FINAL – NO EXCHANGES – NO RETURNS, ALL MERCHANDISE SOLD AS IS” on the front of the receipt.
  • Merchandise returns WILL BE HONORED through Friday, 6/24/16 for purchases made ON or PRIOR to Wednesday, 5/25/16 (according to regular Sports Authority return policies – WITH ORIGINAL RECEIPT). No price adjustments on prior purchases.
  • We will redeem valid Sports Authority Gift Certificates and Merchandise Credits thru Tuesday, 6/28/16 (according to Sports Authority regular policies).
  • We will not sell or activate any Sports Authority Gift Certificates or Merchandise Credits.
  • We will not accept any checks, travelers check , vendor coupons, The League Loyalty Rewards, Sports Authority coupons, rebate certificates, Sports Authority CASH CARDS.
  • Acceptable forms of Tenders:
    Cash – Visa – Mastercard – Discover -- American Express – Sports Authority Credit Card Sports Authority Gift Certificates (GC’s can be accepted thru 6/28/16)
  • Extended Warranties of any kind will NOT be sold/offered to the customers, however all manufacturer warranties will remain in effect.
  • In regards to firearms and ammunition, all stores will fully adhere to the guidelines as provided by Sports Authority’s ATF Compliance Department.
  • There are no merchandise holds for customers or staff.
  • We are no longer able to accept phone orders or place special orders for any department.
  • No special discounts (including Military Discounts) or unauthorized markdowns are allowed at the store unless directed by your JV Consultant.
  • There will no longer be any additional discounts given for any damaged / defective merchandise. This merchandise will be sold at the prevailing category discount.
  • Employee Discounts: Per TSA’s communication dated 5/20/16, the employee discount plan is no longer being offered. An employee event will be planned at a later date.
  • Any bulk sales must be authorized by your JV Consultant.
  • All employees are responsible for their schedules as posted.
  • All deposits and cash handling must be managed according to Sports Authority company policy.
  • Stores are NOT to do Store to Store Transfers unless authorized by the JV Consultant.
  • All approved store to store transfers must be done thru the Sports Authority system.
  • All supply requests, store paid outs, etc.... should be approved by the JV Consultant prior to issuance.
  • All tech / service shops will have been closed down as of 5/22/16 (with the exception of bike builds). All bikes are to be fully assembled with the proper certification tags.
  • No displays should be disassembled, removed from the floor, or sold until authorized by your JV Consultant.
  • All ski rental equipment and other seasonal rentals (i.e. kayaks and bikes), will be sold with specific sku #’s and retails provided by Sports Authority with NO ADDITIONAL DISCOUNTS (including the Store Closing Event Discounts), unless specifically directed by your JV Consultant.
  • Normal store Hours will remain in effect unless / until directed otherwise by Sports Authority Corporate and your JV Consultant.
  • Currently, NO Fixtures are for sale, but at the front of the store, there will be a ballot box for interested parties to register their names, phone #, and item interested in. Your JV Consultant will explain the process for selling fixtures at a later time. No fixed assets should leave the building unless authorized by the JV Consultant.
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